Thursday, December 9, 2010

A different kind of marathon...

For those of you (anyone?  anyone?) who have been wondering where I've disappeared to, I've been been doing a little marathon of my own: LAW SCHOOL EXAM STUDY MARATHON!!  (Scary!)

I've been trying really hard to fit running in around my  finals crunch schedule, but truth be told, it's been a mixed bag of success.  I was able to go to track workout last Thursday (But only 3 people were there, so it was a pretty laid-back affair) and I've been able to squeeze in a couple sessions on the treadmill.  However, most of my exercise has been walking to and from the library caring 1,000+ page casebooks :-)

Luckily, my last final is on Monday and I wholly intend to throw myself back into running once it's over.  And yeah, its an EIGHT HOUR take-home test. Like a real marathon, that last slog is going to be brutal.
Until then, however, many things are being sacrificed in the name of 60 page tabbed and highlighted outlines.

Like a normal sleep schedule.

And personal hygiene.  (Did I just say that?) 

But since I finished my Criminal Law exam today (wooo hoo!) I came home and napped/crashed for 6 hours and now I'm going to fit in a nice leisurely treadmill run.  I am aiming for 6 miles so I keep getting my mileage up.

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful support I've gotten from everyone (I got two checks for LLS in the mail during finals and I am so grateful!!).  Please know that you guys keep me motivated: when all I want to do is take a break curled up with some online television, I think about the wonderful generosity and faith that you all have in me and I hit the treadmill for a few miles (while watching online television... duh.). 

Much love to you all, and I promise to re-surface, blinking blearily and shaking from over-caffeination  for a Buddy Run on Tuesday!!! 

In the meantime...  Thanks so much everyone!!

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